Telework from paradise had never been more affable or more pleasant

My girlfriend and I decided to escape the Covid-19 “blues” this January, and we decided to go to Costa Rica. We were tired of the frigid and lonely streets of New York City and our claustrophobic apartment. After some research, we chose to go to the Nicoya Peninsula, which we had read was a true paradise in the safe and tourist-friendly Puntarenas province. We came across a fantastic deal and decided to book a room for 10 days at Montezuma’s NYA boutique hotel. More than a great choice, this place brought us back to life.

We started by booking a flight non-stop and straight to Guanacaste; we found out there’d be a drive from the airport to the hotel, but then again, why not! We decided to rent a car, which came in very handy and not expensive at all. We arrived at Daniel Oduber International Airport, and our shuttle was waiting for us to take us to the rental car office. With our phones on roaming, Waze took us through the most incredible ride across hills, mountains, and picturesque little towns leading to Montezuma.

After a few hours, we arrived at the hotel, a hidden gem perched between the lusciousness of the rainforest and the pristine beach of Montezuma.

The hotel was extremely accommodating and detail-oriented, and the service was impeccable. They offered functional training, yoga, and Zumba classes taught at a studio overlooking the trees and palms while the capuchin monkeys played as a backdrop.

We were able to work from our rooms, the restaurant that is big and open and overlooks the tropical gardens, yet quiet and somewhat private. We enjoyed working alongside the swimming pool, the hammocks stationed throughout the garden, and at the bar, which early in the day was not busy. My WIFI experience, BTW, was better than what I usually get in New York City. Therefore I never had an issue with working away from home.

Telework from paradise had never been more affable or more pleasant.

Before and after work, we were able to take long walks on the beach, watching the most vibrant sunrises before breakfast, and to the most romantic sunsets after dinner. Most afternoons, we were free to go to the beach and walked to Playa Grande (about a mile or two from the hotel) alongside the water. This was both comforting and relaxing, not to mention having the ability to exercise while surrounded by nature and clean air. At night, we usually had dinner at Ubin, the hostel’s restaurant run by chef Keilor Sanchez, with an array of original dishes with the most delicious and fresh fish and seafood.

On the weekend, the hotel’s concierge organized two fantastic day trips for us. Saturday night, we went on a bioluminescence tour. This was a first for us, and we loved it. On Sunday morning, they organized an incredible one-day trip to Tortuga Island, some forty minutes from the hotel. All we had to do was walk from the hotel to the boat that took us there, roughly a five-minute walk. We were offered refreshments, fruit, beer, water and got to see an entire family of whales swimming and feeding throughout the trip. Once we arrived, the tour company provided us with clean and sanitized snorkeling gear, and we explored dove into the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. At the island, lunch was also included, and we got to relax among the palm trees, peacocks and monkeys, and a full bar.

This Costa Rica getaway was an excellent way to minimize the stress of working from an enclosed area in a cold and secluded city. This fun adventure was not more expensive than staying home. The only difference was that we were treated like royalty at NYA and enjoying the luxury of being in Montezuma, surrounded by the most precious and lavished commodity: nature, fresh air, and beautiful Montezuma beach. Oskar and Angie.

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