Welcome to YU Wellness Studio, a unique sanctuary where you can start your day feeling rejuvenated and inspired with our daily morning class at 8 am. Located in a serene garden, our studio offers a breathtaking view of the treetops and the soothing sounds of Montezuma Beach. Our location provides the perfect setting to enhance your mind-body connection.

Our range of wellness offerings caters to all levels and focuses on harmonizing the body and mind while connecting with like-minded visitors and locals. We offer deeply cleansing power yoga flows that activate blood circulation and build stamina and flexibility. We also offer soft yoga flows & breathwork techniques that provide relaxation and muscle stretching, working deeply on the connective tissues and joints in the body.

Experience our fun Latin Dance class and move to the rhythm of salsa, bachata, and merengue music. Or join our Face Yoga & Massage class and learn how to naturally lift and tone face and neck muscles in a lovely and fun self-care practice. By joining our exhilarating acro yoga class, test your balance and trust in others. We invite you to join us and experience the magic of YU Wellness Studio, nestled in the gardens of Hotel Nya in the heart of Montezuma, just steps away from the beach.

For daily yoga in Montezuma, join us for a daily 8 am class. You can also check our schedule for other offerings by checking our social media or contacting us. We provide mats and props, water, and a beautiful setting filled with light and green.

At YU Wellness Studio, we embrace diversity and welcome all. Come as you are, whether a beginner or an experienced yogi; our doors are open to all bodies, all souls, and all hearts!

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